A game made by Alexander Man for Weekly Game Jam 100.

W to Jump

A to move Left

D to move Right

Help Billy get to school before the timer runs out

Watch out for hazards such as exercising runners, waterfalls, and spikes

Install instructions

You will need both the .exe and the data folder and the files inside that.

If there's an issue on playing or downloading, you can get the game through google drive as well:


Billy's_Trip_To_School_Game (exe).zip 16 MB


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The bus and the bridge looked very cool. Good thing he didn't take the bus to school.. Also school might be canceled. Cute little game!

I made it! Other people are right about adding jump sound effects.  I thought the burning bus looked really good, though I was surprised that the fire didn't hurt.


I really wanted people to question the choice on whether or not they should try to go through that spot because of the flames. Thanks for playing!

Billy: Sees a burning bus. Walks right through it. "I'd help, but I need to get to school!"

Haha, I enjoyed this one! Definitely plenty that could be polished or expanded upon, but it's pretty good as is! I found the difficulty level to be just right.

Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for playing!

I liked the art and sound, particularly the school bus and the clouds. One of the joggers basically jumped out of the bushes -- that was pretty great.

The ground was really stretched out for some reason.

As Daigan said, animations and particle effects and jump sound effect would make things a lot more satisfying.

The text elements were really blurry, even for Unity's standard text. You could try using the TextMeshPro package.


Thanks for playing my game :)
I was so torn on either going for an ms paint or an pixel art style. I will definitely check out the TextMeshPro package to try changing the blurry text elements.

nice music, some animations and particle effects would make the game a lot better.

I would love to add particle effects for animations that resolve with the ground. Gotta learn the basics of  that first though lol. I've had a bit of issues on working on running animations but I'm hoping to include that by the end of this week as a post-mortem thing ish. Thanks for the great feedback!

Finally did it on second try. This is so nice. A reset button would be even nicer tho.

I was sort of worried that I made the game hard to play. A couple of my friends just couldn't beat it lol. A reset button would be a great UI addition! Thanks for playing!

The first spikes were very frustating. Good thing you put it at the beginning though.

not gonna lie its really charming and fun 

Glad you enjoyed it!